7 typical marketing errors made by musicians

Going viral is a bit like anyone’s dream to post their music on the Internet, to be spotted by professionals and meet their first fans, yet, it is not necessarily the solution and many make marketing mistakes that are totally avoidable.

Nevertheless, as you can imagine, you are not the only ones making music and putting it on the Internet in the hope that it will meet its audience, and the success that goes with it.

In addition to the quality of your production, you have to learn how to sell and make yourself known. However, this profession, marketing, is not yours. Thus, we have identified the typical marketing mistakes made by young artists.

1 – Not having a marketing plan

The marketing plan is clearly the basis of any professional activity. To not have one is to move forward in the dark, to feel, to get lost. You therefore need a clear marketing plan, with a strategy, market research, action plans, projections, budgets and long-term objectives. In short, you have to professionalize your activity, otherwise you will not evolve.

2 – Not having your own artist website

Your artist’s website must serve as a “hub”, the central core of your activity. All important information about you must be included, fans and professionals in the field must be able to easily find what they are looking for without having to navigate through all the tabs of your social networks.

3 – Rely only on social networks

Probably the most basic mistake of all. Social networks, led by Facebook, are incredible tools for connecting with fans.

However, it is a bit of an easy solution to deal only with your Facebook page. Moreover, social networks only allow you to reach a part of your audience (your fans), that’s why you need to vary your promotion with videos, radio, competitions with websites, events, online advertising, and even street marketing actions (from flyer distribution and pasting posters and stickers to much more sophisticated actions).

In addition, remember to provide your fans with a newsletter form in order to keep them informed of your news, your excluded…

4 – Wrong target

In marketing terms, this is called segmentation. Indeed, there is no point in targeting everyone, you have to segment your audience.

In other words, you need to determine who is listening to you, who may potentially listen to you one day and love you, and how to ensure that you wait for that audience you have identified. Segmentation allows you to be more efficient in your work and avoids wasting a lot of money.

5 – Lack of originality

As we reminded you at the beginning of this article, you are far from being the only one trying to promote your music in order to break through. In your music as in your communication, you have to be original and stand out from the crowd. Otherwise you’ll stagnate.

6 – Not having a YouTube or Soundcloud channel

Some people forget that YouTube and Soundcloud are the main vehicles for discovering new artists on the Internet. In addition to the gain in SEO referencing, think of the thousands of people who are currently on YouTube and Soundcloud trying to discover new sounds from the music they usually listen to…

7 – Do not promote yourself at your events

Your shows and events are the perfect opportunities to get to know your fans, get in touch with them and make sure they continue to follow you afterwards, especially on YouTube and Facebook, introduce you to their friends… Don’t be shy, in the end it will be an effort appreciated by those who are listening to you.