How to promote your music or recording studio?

As we have seen, making yourself known in the music world today requires a solid presence on the Internet. But whether you are an artist or run a recording studio, being simply “visible” is not enough. You need to actively promote your music or studio at key times.

To do this, several ways, on the channels most used by Internet users, including your potential audience

Promote your music or studio on the Google network

Unlike SEO, which can be done for free, promotion is not free. Of course, depending on its stage of development, the knowledge of its audience and its expertise in the field, this can have very variable costs.

Google is the first search engine used by Internet users, by far. Beyond research, we all spend a lot of time on the Google network, sometimes without even realizing it. Google, for example, has a huge number of partner sites. They offer ads on their pages, which will have been “booked” by advertisers, via the Google network. Often, these ads are dynamic images + texts. This means that they adapt to the Internet user who is going through them or to the context such as the date or previous visits of the Internet user. This is called the display.

It is possible to use the Adwords tool to promote your website for example. If you sell your discs on your site, it can be interesting. However, setting up an Adwords campaign may require a certain amount to start. It is up to you to decide if you are ready to invest in this tool. To learn more about Adwords for musicians, click here.

For a studio, the display can be very interesting. For example, it allows you to place news or special offers on a site like Audiofanzine or KR Home-Studio.

Google is also of course YouTube and its immense power. Video is an essential and very effective medium if used intelligently.

However, before launching its promotion on all fronts, it is necessary to understand precisely the use of each channel.

A searching audience expects to find

Let’s take the example of a campaign to promote your music or studio on Google’s search engine. You have very often come across this type of advertisement when you search your browser. These are these results slightly different from the others, often at the top of the list, and stamped “announcement”.

An important element to remember here:

The first 2 results of a Google search (those at the top of the list), account for more than 30% of clicks.

In short: it is better to be in the lead than on the 5th page of the result.

SEO is a very effective way to achieve this but also very long. And sometimes, time is of the essence and above all, we have a specific element to promote, such as a special offer on your studio booking. It is in these cases that the “Google Ads Search” promotion (these famous little ads in your search results) is extremely useful.

In concrete terms, the way it works is as follows: you select keywords on which to place your ads.

This means that if you are positioned on “studio recording Rennes”, your ad will appear when someone searches for this expression. But someone still has to look for a studio in Rennes.

This is why it is important to think about the nature of what you want to promote before promoting it on a poorly adapted channel. A priori, no one will look for “a clip with red trees and a psychedelic atmosphere”. So even if it fits perfectly with your last clip, it will be completely useless to promote it on Google’s Search network.

Video: an impactful medium

On the other hand, your red tree clip will have much more impact if it appears as a suggestion on YouTube. It will then be exposed to people who have just watched music videos from the same universe.

In this case, promotion makes sense. It can not only generate views and YouTube subscriptions, but it can also allow you to enlarge a fanbase. And she does it by going to look for it where it is: that is, on videos related to your universe or to what revolves around it.

Google, for example, offers pre-roll ads (you know, those annoying ads that come before your videos…). Except that they don’t have to be unbearable if they are well targeted and well designed. For example, consider an artist watching the video of a music vlogist. He may be interested in your 5 sec. spot before his video, which will show him some great images of your studio and offer him an offer in his budget.

Promote your music or studio on social networks

Like everyone else, you spend time on the Internet for several reasons. Sometimes you’re looking for something, and chances are you’ll find yourself on Google’s network.

And sometimes you’re just here to watch a little bit of what’s going on. With your friends, your favorite artists, your events etc. In this case there is no doubt: you are on a social network, probably Facebook or Instagram.

On networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat or even LinkedIn, beyond the free creation of pages, there are of course promotion opportunities. That’s how these companies get paid after all.

We have just seen that advertising on Google’s search engine only makes sense if what you promote is “searchable”. The case of social networks is a different story.

Enlarge your fan base but not at any price

Like you, your audience goes on social networks to get news from people or pages they already like. I don’t know about you but overall, I’m not an ultra fan of untimely ads that have nothing to do with what I’m consulting. They “pollute” my newsfeed (except for the videos of racoons stealing food, that’s funny, even if we don’t really know what it’s supposed to promote).

Promoting on social networks therefore requires a lot of creativity, originality and relevance. This is true both in terms of content and target audience, because it should always be kept in mind that this audience did not ask for anything (unlike a google search). So there’s an 80% chance you’ll bother them. Unless, on the contrary, you make them laugh, you take them to a world they love, you teach them something, you offer them an exclusive gift…

The strength of the social in music

The nature of the social network therefore implies creativity in the promotion of it. And on our side, we say good. For an artist or studio manager like you, it’s a good thing.

The music industry, as you know as well as we do, is very much about people, feelings, recommendations and networks. Bad tongues will say it’s a world of cronyism. Others will recognize that it is a profoundly human industry, which works on affect because it is in its very nature; this applies to activities within the industry itself (studios, for example), but it also applies to the general public: it is often a little complicated to explain rationally why one is attached to a particular artist. We walk on emotion.

And social networks are a bit like the digital version of word of mouth. This “social proof” is a major force in the entire music industry, and is the online equivalent of “my friend assures me that this studio is great, I’ll book it for my next song” or “this friend has the same musical tastes as me, I’ll watch this video he just loved”.

Again, an effective promotion campaign on social networks requires preparation and a good reflection on its objectives and audience.